What are the eligibility criteria for employment as a graduate?

An eligible candidate for a graduate position will have the following characteristics:

  • Have completed a university qualification within the last 3 years, or will attain one before employment commences.
  • Be a South Australian resident.
  • Be an Australian Citizen, permanent resident or have an appropriate work visa.
  • Have not completed a graduate program within the South Australian Public Sector or Commonwealth Government previously, or one hosted by the South Australian Public Sector.
  • Not currently a South Australian Public Sector employee.
  • If you were once a South Australian Public Sector employee who accepted a TVSP, you are not eligible to be re-employed in the South Australian Public Sector:

An eligible candidate for a graduate position must:

  • Be willing to complete a pre-employment declaration
  • Be willing to undertake a National Police Check or other appropriate background screening where required
  • Be suitable to the future needs of South Australian Public Sector agencies and participate in pre-requisite requirements such as an assessment of verbal, numeric and abstract ability if required.
  • Be willing to participate in vocational qualification training requirements of the program. Qualifications as set by the Office for the Public Sector.
  • Be willing to participate in training and professional development activities scheduled over the 12 month period.
  • Meet all other employment and participation conditions of the program including travelling independently to and from the workplace, training sites and other sites as determined.
  • Be willing to uphold the Public Sector Values and adhere to the Code of Ethics.

How much will I be paid?

The starting salary for 2018 graduates is approx. $52,315 p.a. (excluding superannuation) at the ASO2 level.

Graduates employed by the Department of Treasury and Finance may progress to an AS03 level upon successful completion of their 12 month graduate term. The AS03 level commences at $60,681p.a. (excluding superannuation).

What department or agency could I be working for?

You could be working in any one of the varied departments across government. This includes: Treasury and Finance, Premier and Cabinet, Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, SA Police, SA Health, Attorney-General’s Department, SA Water, FundsSA, Communities and Social Inclusion, Environment, Water and Natural Resources, Education and Child Development, Public Trustee, Primary Industries, RegionsSA and many smaller agencies in the Government of South Australia.

The Graduate Development Program is a shortlisted pool of candidates developed and coordinated by the Department of Treasury and Finance. The list of candidates is provided to departments and agencies in the Government of South Australia seeking to recruit graduates in across government finance related roles.

Note that the Auditor-General has its own graduate recruitment program – visit audit.sa.gov.au/careers for more details.

Where will I be located?

Nearly all positions with Government of South Australia agencies will be based in the Adelaide CBD.

Do I need to have recently graduated to apply?

You can apply if:

  • You are a final-year student graduating either mid-year or at the end of this year
  • You have recently graduated (within the last 3 years)

Do I need an accounting degree?

No - we accept applications from anyone who has a relevant degree - accounting, economics, finance, business/commerce or similar.

What if I miss the application closing date?

Unfortunately, we do not accept applications after the closing date.

Do I need distinctions and high distinctions to have a chance?

Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is just one part of the assessment process. Having strong communication abilities, a diverse and interesting CV/resume, good references and accurate spelling and grammar in your application helps to build you into a ‘strong’ candidate.

What is the Graduate Development Program?

The Graduate Development Program is facilitated by the Department of Treasury and Finance.  It consists of two components;

  • Recruitment – The Department of Treasury and Finance facilitates the creation of a graduate recruitment pool, which is essentially a shortlist of candidates provided to agencies and government departments seeking to hire graduates in finance related roles.
  • Professional Development – The Department of Treasury and Finance runs a 12 month professional skills training and networking program in partnership with the University of Adelaide for graduates in finance related roles. This partnership has been established to deliver a high quality education experience to participants, which draws on the University’s extensive network of highly skilled professional consultants and facilitators. Enrolment in the professional development portion of the Graduate Development Program is dependent on your recruiting agency. Candidates successful in obtaining a graduate position within the Department of Treasury and Finance will automatically be enrolled into this program.

Further information regarding the professional development portion of the program visit the Graduate Development Program Overview page.

When does the Graduate Development Program start?

Candidates will negotiate a start date with their recruiting agency. Candidates commencing in the Department of Treasury and Finance will commence between July 2018 and January 2019.

Candidates enrolling in the Graduate Development Program (Professional Development) will commence their program in February 2019.

Can I do further study whilst employed as a graduate?

The Government of South Australia encourages staff to undertake continual professional development. You can apply for study leave and reimbursement of a portion of your study fees.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered here?

Email us on FMT@sa.gov.au and we will get back to you as soon as possible.