Department of Treasury and Finance

The process

Once you submit your application, you should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours that we have received it.  If you don’t receive this email, please resubmit your application if there was an internet connection issue or contact us on

Applications for the 2018 Graduate Intake will open shortly. Watch this space!

Once we have your application, there are two rounds of selection before starting as a graduate with the Government of South Australia:

Round 1: Shortlisting

We create a shortlist of candidates – we access your application based on your university grade point average, you response to our selection criteria questions and other parts of your application such as your work and volunteer experience, community involvement, and references.  We may contact you for a short phone interview to help us access your application.

We will notify you by email whether your application has been successful in getting you onto the GDP shortlist.  If you are successful, you move to Round 2.

Stage 2: Agency interviews

The GDP shortlist is available to all departments and agencies across the Government of South Australia – they will be able to see your application and will contact you if any graduate positions are suitable for you to find out more about you or to invite you for an interview.

If you don’t get contacted straight away, don’t worry – departments and agencies are looking for graduates at different times throughout the year. We will contact you by email every few months to confirm you are still available for a graduate role and want to remain on the GDP shortlist.


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