Department of Treasury and Finance

Careers for graduates

The Government of South Australia offers a range of graduate career opportunities that are satisfying, challenging and allow you to realise your own potential.

Working in government offers you the chance to explore many different career options without having to sacrifice the familiarity and security of a known employer. Your work will ultimately contribute to the development and progress of South Australia.

Working for the Government of South Australia

Working in government offers you the chance to diversify your talents and move into areas in which you may not have experience or formal qualifications.

It's worth keeping this in mind — job opportunities in government are many and varied. They provide you with opportunities to explore your own interests, talents, skills and abilities without forfeiting the security of ongoing employment and other benefits.

Each government agency has its own culture and identity, as will the team or branch within which you will begin your career.  You’ll find that the agency you join functions as an autonomous entity within the wider framework of the government.

Career development and progression

Graduate profiles

Some of our former graduates explain why they joined government through the graduate development program and the type of work they were involved in when they were first employed.

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